Four Week Fat Loss

Managing your weight is one of the most important life skills you can master. Mastering it will add years to your life. It's easy when you know how. Here are some basic strategies. Learn them now. >>

Anabolic Builder

Adding significant amounts of lean muscle is a dream for most men. It's not uncommon for my athletes to put on 10Kg of muscle in 12 weeks. The good news is it's easier for the average person to get results like this find out why. >>

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Rugby Nutrition

I first started working with the England Squad as a specific Rugby  Nutritionist in early 2003

As well as working with the England squad I’ve also worked with many professional rugby players from other rugby playing nations.

Over the last 12 years I have consulted to a number of the professional premiership rugby clubs for 3-4 seasons each including

London Wasps
London Irish  and

If you are interested in a personal consultation I see clients from my base in London where  I can provide a full service so that will get you as close to your genetic potential as possible.

This service is the same as a professional rugby player receives, I only have limited spaces available so if you are interested then contact me straight away.

I’ve also developed a Fat Loss Programme and a muscle building programme that is available for members of the public and is used by my professional atheltes as well.

I can provide a rugby specific supplementation plan that is individually tailored to your metablic type, body fat analysis, a full rugby diet and all the tools for your ongoing rugby health and performance.