Simon Reed

I’ve been on the Regenerate system for about 8 weeks now and I plan on continuing for the full 12 weeks.  For years I have struggled to put on lean mass, yo yo’ing between phases of ‘bulking’ to gain weight, which always added a bunch of fat, and then ‘leaning out’ to lose the fat and pretty much most of the muscle along with it!  I’ve been doing this for years.

To be honest I did wonder how much I would learn from your system given that I considered myself to be pretty well read on nutrition.  I was proved VERY wrong!!!

The information was comprehensive and I very much liked the fact that you did not skimp on the details and that you were on hand to clear up any queries.

I have put on almost half a stone in scale weight, but I am annoyed with myself that I didn’t take body-fat measurements as I’m certain they would show I have gained more lean weight than that as I have noticeably lost fat too.  To put this into perspective; the last time I was up to my current weight my waist was 2.5 inches bigger than it is now. 

What’s more my strength in the gym improved almost every workout and I have hit new PB’s on the squat and deadlift.  I even had one of the regulars at the gym pull me to one side to ask me if I had started taking steroids!

It should be clear by now that I am immensely happy with the results and I would recommend your system to anyone who is serious about their physique as probably one of the best investments you could make. 

Marc Sheppard

First of all I would like to say that the program and information was well worth the money and has opened my eyes wide. Having previously done the 4 week fat loss program and now the first 6 weeks of the regenerate program my diet, knowledge and what I promote to others has change so much.

On the 4  week fat loss I went from 98kg to 92kg and hit a low of 89kg in August before holidays. At the start of the regenerate program I weighed about 92kg, I finished the program this morning and weight was 94.6kg. Very pleased with this as I’m very paranoid about putting on body fat so probably didn’t eat enough carbs after training as I should of done?.  

My body shape especially arms have change a lot in this time, and waist hasn’t increased and if anything in the last week starting to feel and look a lot leaner. I found the eating hard at the start trying to get enough protein into me but have found a new love for cottage cheese lol. The training was very hard as I did as much as possible in an hour, as not able to train twice a day. On the other days had rugby training and Saturday would have a game.

Been working hard in conditioning sessions but have noticed a big difference in recovery during a game and work rate has increased.

The first week of the deep fascia stretching program leg session my legs the next day were in bits lol and didn’t recover until the weekend but now the weight has gone up and the soreness has gone, as I said the sessions were tough and not much talking going on but they were more than worth it. When I do this program again in the new year I will take my body fat before and every 2 weeks during and maybe measurements of waist, chest, thighs arms?

All in all I’m very pleased, ever since I read one of your articles in mens health about 10 months ago and bought the 4 week fast loss program I have been hooked on everything you promote.

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