For people who are prepared to exercise 3-4 times a week, 50-75 mins per session to get body of their dreams.

These Muscle building tips have added
2 tons of lean muscle for over
500 Professional Rugby players.

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Here's how they do it…

Dear Future Muscle Building Machine …

You might have wondered how professional rugby players return after the off-season having managed to stack on an extra 10-20 lbs of LEAN MUSCLE in less than 12 weeks.

Results like that are beyond belief for 99% of the population.

However in the world of professional sport it’s the norm.

Sure professional rugby players work hard in the gym, however they’re doing the same types of lifts, same number of reps and for the same number of sets that most serious gym goers do.

They are stronger sure, but that extra proportional strength is not what makes the difference in how much muscle they manage to stack on and in such a rapid fashion.

When you see the typical session that a professional rugby player completes in a muscle building phase a lot of you will ask yourselves

‘I’m training harder than them

why am I not getting the same results?’

For the first time ever I’m going to lift the lid and share the exact same methods that professional Rugby Players use!

Over the past 7 years I’ve worked with over 500 professional rugby players, representatives from every premiership club in England and internationals from every major test playing country, I’ve also helped the England Team to reach 2 Rugby World Cup Finals.

I don’t need to show you any BOGUS testimonials, before and after shots that have been photo shopped, cropped and touched up from people you’ve never heard of or met.

If you scroll down you’ll see testimonial from an international player that you will definitely recognise, if you need any additional proof about my credentials.

When it comes to building muscle my

players have added over 2 ton’s of muscle

You’re going to learn the truth about creating the physique of your dreams. The ultimate truth is this lifting heavy weights and spending ages in the gym is not going to do it for you.

All weight training does is provide the stimulus for you to grow, without proper nutrition and recovery strategies you’re not going to get the results you’re looking for .

I’ve gained a reputation for identifying the absolute latest cutting edge secrets from the world of nutrition. I’m constantly looking for the extra edge to help my players perform, I spend a fortune on research materials and nutritional products,

I’ve traveled the world at my own expense to learn from the leading authorities in the world, some of these guys are so underground they don’t even have website's.

What I’ve been an expert in, is synthesising and distilling the information that is currently available, a lot of research is done in hospital settings and often published in obscure journals.

It’s often years before this information filters through to the body building community, and even longer before it gets wider recognition.

I’m an expert at sniffing out the latest trends, refining that information, tweaking it and developing it into a co-ordinated muscle building protocol.

I’ve also purchased just about every program that you can buy on the internet and lots of illegal ‘underground’ magazines too.

I've adopted Bruce Lee's philosophy

'Absorb what is useful,
reject what is useless
and add specifically what is your own…..'

When you’ve been around as long as I have my 'bullshit detectors' are very well developed and most of what I see being touted on the internet and in the muscle building mags and website's is nonsense and it’s tantamount to, here’s a magic pill and tomorrow you’ll wake up ripped and massive…. Come off it. It doesn't work like that?

Don’t get me wrong most programs have a few juicy nuggets, but there’s often WAY TOO MUCH filler, however I’ve never seen a comprehensive system for building muscle that is built on the 3 ESSENTIAL pillars of muscle growth,


I’ve poured over the training notes, spreadsheets and results of my previous 7 years working as an elite sports nutritionist working with some of the world’s best athletes and developed this into a system that’s IN DEPTH but easy to follow.

For the first time ever I’m sharing how professional athletes BUILD MUSCLE. I’ve put together a paint by numbers system so you can get results like they do.

This is the way that I’ve used with over 500 professional rugby players.

The truth is this system is better than I’ve used with those players, because the way I do things is constantly evolving, come back in 12 months and there will be some tweaks to this system as newer information is published.

Everything in my system is based on scientific research but backed up by years of practical experience.

I've included the references to many papers and studies for those that are interested and I've also distilled it all down for those that just want simple instructions to follow.

I've made it simple to follow all you have to do is follow the instructions I supply, you’ll even have access to me on a weekly basis to answer your questions for you.

You’re shown how much to eat and when to eat it.

What exercise to do and for how long

When to have a rest day

How to use creatine properly- stop making mistakes with this simple supplement

The night time supplements that stimulate growth hormone production

How much protein to eat per day

Special Cell volumising techniques

How the recovery and muscle building systems are inter related and how to get them to work seamlessly

You’ll get my list of 24 muscle building supplements

How to manipulate production of growth hormone so that it can accelerate your muscle growth

How heavy you should be lifting for optimum muscle growth

Best of all I'am there to help you every step of the way. I'll personally answer any questions you have.

And much much more…

The exciting thing is that the average person is likely to get better results than a professional athlete, that’s because a professional athlete is a lot closer to their genetic potential than you are.

The results that the few non- elite athletes that have tried my system have achieved have been spectacular

Let me save you some time though, you are going to have to WORK to achieve Massive Muscle Growth, taking supplements alone is not going to help you build muscle, so only…

carry on reading if you’re prepared to hit the weights

3-4 times a week

for 50-75 minutes a session

That’s the minimum requirement, if that sounds like it’s too much for you then bookmark this page and comeback when you’re ready to commit.

If you can’t commit to that level of activity

this program is not going to work for you.
You’ll be wasting your time and money

Let me explain to you my 3 pillars for Massive Muscle Growth


Everybody knows you have to exercise with weights if you want to stack on slabs of lean muscle.

It’s a no brainer.

This is the MAIN area that most muscle building programs and body building magazines focus on, they pay scant regard to the other 2 pillars and this is why their programs don’t give you the results that they promise.

Don’t believe me! Check out the most popular online muscle building programs, look at their long slick glossy sales pages and see how often they mention Nutrition or Rest and Recovery.

Nutrition hardly ever gets a mention!

Often they debate the number of reps you should do… should you do 4 sets of 8, should you train to failure, should leave a couple of reps in the tank split your muscle groups , super sets, complexes.

There’s merit in nearly every different strategy mentioned above it depends what your goals are though.




At the end of the day for you to build muscle, the most important FACTOR is that you stress your muscles enough.

How you stress your muscle cells though is not as important as

what you FEED THEM

When you exercise with weights you create microscopic tears (that’s what I mean by stressing your muscles) and when the body repairs itself, it repairs those tears and this is when it CAN grow bigger.

It CAN grow bigger, it’s not a given that your muscles WILL grow bigger though, the exercise provides the stimulus to grow. That’s all it is the exercise is a stimulus to grow.

Your muscles only grow when you are out of the gym

It’s like planting a seed.

The seed needs water first for it to germinate, if there is no water nothing is going to happen, the water helps get the seed moving.

Exercise for muscle growth is just like giving seed water. It’s what ignites the biochemical processes.

What the seed needs next is food, otherwise it’s only going to last a couple of days before it shrivels and dies.

It gets the food from the nutrients in the soil.

If your muscles don’t get the right type of food QUICKLY
they are not going to grow.

If you’re trying to build muscle and you don’t eat and supplement properly after your session then you’ve WASTED your time in the gym

End of story!

Your muscles need feeding and this leads us onto the second pillar of Massive Muscle Growth


Your muscles have to have the correct nutritional environment in order to grow.

Most people are aware that you need to eat more protein to provide the optimal environment for muscle growth. Muscle fibres are built from protein after all.

What most people don’t understand though is exactly how much protein you really need.

I’ll teach you how much protein you need to eat, you’ll be amazed how much I prescribe in my system.

It’s hard work feeding the beast that you are trying to become!

Eating enough high protein food will be

one of your biggest challenges

You face in achieving Massive Muscle Growth

Not only do you need protein you need to get your body to produce insulin particularly in the window right after training.

Your body MUST produce INSULIN to fuel muscle growth

Insulin acts like a sluice gate. You produce Insulin by eating foods that are high in carbohydrates and certain proteins.

Insulin helps opens up the muscle cells and allows the protein to flood in, the protein is NOW available to start repairing the muscle cells and FORCING them to grow.

You need to keep your insulin levels high for a period of at least 4 hours after you work out as this FUELS massive MUSCLE growth.

I’ll teach you how to do this, you’ll learn the optimal combination of protein to carbohydrate to have in your post workout meal.

Not enough protein and your guns wont grow

Too much insulin and you’ll just lay down BODY FAT

It’s a delicate balance and I’ll show you how to manage it for optimum muscle growth

This leads us onto the third PILLLAR of Massive Muscle Growth

PILLAR 3 Rest, Recovery and Regeneration

As I’ve already explained with Pillars 1 and 2 the time that you spend in the gym provides your muscles the catalyst to grow and the nutrition to ‘feed’ the new muscle cells.

The third pillar deals with providing the optimal conditions for your muscles to grow because

Your muscles only grow when you are out of the gym

You don’t get big when you are in the gym, it’s when you are sleeping that you get massive muscle growth.

It’s not sexy talking about recovery strategies when you’re trying to ‘sell people’ on getting big strong and stacked.

Maybe that’s why the other online Guru’s and book sellers don’t tell you this stuff they just want your $47 or $97 for their e-book.

It’s not my goal to try and get your testosterone levels pumping to the max so you whip out your credit card and order my program because it’s the best thing sliced bread. So I’m not going to give you a lot of hype.

I’m sharing with you what works and what you need to do to build massive muscles that’s all, the good the bad and what some may consider the boring too.

Rest recovery and regeneration is vitally important to your results.

You probably remember being told as a kid that

‘if you don’t get to BED you won’t grow big and strong’.

There’s an awful lot of truth in that statement.

Your body releases massive amounts of growth hormone 30 minutes after you fall asleep.

It’s growth hormone that works to help your body repair and regenerate itself. If you’re in a muscle building phase you need to know how to increase your levels of Growth Hormone

The name says it all doesn’t it GROWTH HORMONE.

Any thing you can do to help support or increase your levels of growth hormone is going to DRAMATICALLY improve your results.

I’ll teach you the natural strategies you can implement that INCREASE GROWTH HORMONE PRODUCTION.

You’ll learn the correct combination of naturally occurring supplements that you MUST take before you go to bed that ELEVATE your levels of Growth Hormone.

Another area that is NEGLECTED when it comes to teaching you how to build muscle is how to SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Why do I need to know about this stuff?,
How is that going to help me?
I only want to get stacked!

The bodies immune system (fighting infection) works together with you’re bodies anabolic system (growth system).

If you pick up a bug or get the sniffles you’re body is faced with 2 options it can either start fighting the bug or it can build muscle.

Our bodies have adapted to fighting infection first, as that obviously has more serious consequences.


By keeping your immune system strong you are providing the optimal environment for muscle growth.

Your muscles only grow outside the gym so you need to take as much care, building in proper recovery strategies to your program as you do your exercise strategies.

So I’ve covered the 3 Pillars and I hope you’ve now got an understanding of the integrated approach that is required to start building muscle EFFICIENTLY.

It’s like building anything you need to have a blueprint to follow and you need to know how and why it works.

The 3 Pillars are broken out into 6 Phases.

Each phase lasts for 2 weeks and then you take what you’ve learnt from phase 1 and build phase 2 on top of it.

You end up stacking the phases so the nutritional and recovery strategy you learn and do in phase 1 you carry on doing while you do phase 2. So at the start of week 5 you will be doing Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 all at the same time.

The synergistic effect of accessing these different body systems delivers awesome results.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the 6 phases.

Phase 1 Protein pulses & Insulin spiking

Phase 2 Cell volumising; satellite cell proliferation

Phase 3 Growth Hormone support

Phase 4 Immune System boosting/Recovery /injury support

Phase 5 Anabolic hormone manipulation; Cortisol and Testosterone level manipulation

Phase 6 Neurotransmitter enhancement


I’m taking on very few private clients at the moment as I’ve just had my second child, so it’s going to be increasingly unlikely that you’ll be able to consult with me on a personal basis.

The only way you’re going to be able to get access to this information is if you manage to get yourself a contract with one of the Premiership Rugby Clubs that I work with, or by getting a copy of the regenerate's system here.

I’m training a couple of other budding top gun sports nutritionists but they won’t be ready to take on private clients for a little while yet, so this is likely to be one of the few ways you can access my knowledge.

I’m not in the game of doing things half-assed and I’m used to working with people who are prepared to go the extra mile and doing what it takes to get results.

When I first offered this program to some of my clients I decided to purchase all the products in and have them shipped to each client. In the 6 phases there are 25 different supplements and the retail cost of the supplements alone was over£1191, I managed to get some hefty discounts from some of the suppliers and passed those savings onto the beta-testers. They paid £997 for the course and the supplements.

It was a serious amount of money for me to max out on my credit cards and for those who decided to invest in themselves to get results.

It was worth it though for those that took the plunge because the results were AWESOME. The gains in the first 6 weeks were in the range of 10.1-14.8 of lean muscle.

I’ve decided to do things differently this time. I’m splitting the system into 2 halves so you can purchase the information for Phases 1,2 and 3 together and you can purchase your supplements direct from your favorite supplement company

For 6 weeks supply of products the retail price of the supplements will be £200 -£275 depending where you get them from

When I set this up originally I used supplements from a range of companies because some companies have combined 2 or more products into one supplement. My Protein have got all the component products you need for the first 3 phases.

What I’m going to offer is the information and I’ll direct you and advise you as to where you can get the supplements from yourselves. I’ll give you a shopping list and you can purchase them.

It’s a fair amount of money to pay to get the supplements. But if you wantto get results then you have to invest in yourself one way or another. If it was easy everyone would be walking round like Arnie in his hey day!

Maybe now you can see how and why Professional Rugby Players have excellent physiques and can seem to stack on muscle like it’s child’s play.

Yes they have their supplements purchased and laid out for them, it’s in the clubs best interests to do it for them isn’t it.

It’s all there ready for them lined up when they leave the gym, they don’t even have to think about it.

When I started out and worked in Harley Street we charged Professional Rugby Clubs £2500 per year per player and that’s nearly 10 years ago. You can imagine how much that service costs now, it’s no wonder that nearly every professional rugby club is sponsored by a supplement supplier.

Let me share with you how this program is going to work and what you get.

The information and instructions are going to be delivered in a secure online members area.

Each fortnight you will gain access to a new phase, each phase will explain the science behind the strategy if you want to know it.

Detailed instructions on how to exercise and when to take your supplements and your 6 weeks of exercise sessions. A personal trainer would charge you around £300 for that service

Direct access to me with me you can ask any question in the secure members area and I will answer them usually before the end of the day but definitely within 24-48 hours. My clients normally pay £150 an hour for my services. You’ll get 6 months access to ask questions of me. That's worth over £600

Access to my Four Week Fat Loss system and 6 months free membership £60 value

A months worth of High Protein Meal Menu's, includes Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners and Snacks. Value £47

My Essentials of Sports Nutrition Guide not available online yet probably priced £67

You can order phases 1-3 for £197 today or you can order phases 1-6 for £297.

These prices are likely to change so I can’t guarantee them.

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