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why fibrous carbohydrates are important for weight loss

Optimized-d fibrous carbohydrates

The first time that you see this, it should be a real eye opener as to the perils of simple carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes when weightloss is your goal

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Egg white vs Whole Eggs

Optimized-d egg

Is a pure egg white omelette better than having the yolk and white together? If you want to purchase liquid egg whites to make your whole eggs ‘go further’ then a good place to get them is My Protein you can get the equivalent of 30 egg whites for £3.95 Blogged with the Flock Browser […]

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ZMA – replenish these minerals that burn up quick

Optimized-d replenish

These minerals are some of the most likely to cause deficiencies because they are used in over 500 biochemical pathways. It’s a good insurance policy to supplement for them.

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Fatloss Magic bullet -Glucolean Guggulsterones

Optimized-d fat burner

This product is as close as it comes to a fatloss magic bullet. You can get glucolean from reaction nutrition, remember to register here  for the first time so you can lock in your 25% discount. Matt Tags: guggulsteronesglucolean fatloss supplement fat burner

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What is adrenal fatigue?

Optimized-e adrenal fategue

In this video clip I explain What Adrenal fatigue is.  If you have ever been stressed, lacking in energy or just feeling plain tired. it might be that your adrenal gland is fatigued. The good news is that it is possible to treat it with natural supplements. There is an adrenal saliva test that can […]

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Sports Nutrition Breakfast Routine 5 Meals in 15 mins

Optimized-e breakfast

This video been viewed over 31,000 times on You Tube, it’s essential viewing for anyone interested in healthy eating especially busy sports people. In it I demonstrate how you can create 5 meals in 15 minutes, it should be required viewing for all athletes so let your team mates know about it too. Matt

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Chocolate as a Sports Nutrition Supplement

Optimized-e chocolate

Yes Really Chocolate Has Health Benefits Recent studies have shown that eating chocolate can be beneficial to your health. Chocolate contains a substance called catechins that can help prevent cancer and heart disease, as well as lower blood pressure. Catechins are strong antioxidants which clear away destructive molecules in the body called free radicals. Free […]

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