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How fitness professionals can keep their own nutrition on track?

As a fitness professional is can sometimes be difficult to practice what you preach, following a good diet will encourage your client to maintain their goals and diet plans. Try using social media such as blogging and intsgraming photos to track your diet and cook meals you are proud to share with your clients. […]

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How to stop losing muscle when you are trying to lose fat?

There is very common misconception that as you as you being to diet your body will lose its muscle. Muscle is the last thing your body to breakdown when in calorie deficit, maintaining exercise and a regular protein intake can prevent this happening. We can teach how your body uses its calories and burns the fat you want […]

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Diet or exercise which one best for fat loss?

Many people believe it is the hours you spend in the gym that determines fat loss, however having the time to spend in the gym can difficult for those people working long hours. Learning to curb and cut the diet can impact your fat loss far greater than running tirelessly at the gym. We can help your reassess your […]

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Adapt Sport Adaptogens – How they work

Adaptogens are fascinating and I’m really excited about what is going to be discovered in the longer term about how they work and the health and performance benefits that can be derived from using them We discuss some potential mechanisms and the core ingredients in the Adapt Sport Adaptogens manufactured by the Swedish Herbal Institute […]

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You’re Hired – Ever fancied being on the Apprentice?

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Use your passion for Health and Fitness on an intense mentorship process that  could end up with you owning a thriving business… We have a few select opportunities for MOTIVATED individuals to work with us enhancing our existing brands and products. Matt Lovell and Gavin Allinson have created and have access to numerous products (informational […]

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Hormetic dose is the term for generally favorable biological responses to low exposures to toxins and other stressors. Allostatic load; It is used to explain how frequent activation of the body’s stress response, essential for managing acute threats, can in fact damage the body in the long run. Allostatic load is generally measured through a […]

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How to lose fat when your family doesn’t need to

As parents it can difficult to stay healthy and keep your family healthy, It can be of benefit if your partner is on the same page as you however sometimes if they are lean already and have a different body type it can be tricky as well. Changing  your family activities is just one of […]

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