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How Matt Lovell got started in nutrition

Here we have our very own Matt Lovell describing his wealth of experience with elite athletes from a huge range of sports. As well as how he found his love for exercise and training. His passion for helping others in the same way has driven his very successful career and the creation of The Fat […]

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How Gavin Allinson got started in nutrition and what he does now

Meet one of our business owners Gavin Allinson here explaining his experiences and how he learnt the sports nutrition industry and his continuing passion for diet and sports performance. Gavin can offer many tips to help improve your diet as well as teaching fundamentals such as cooking skills and choosing the correct foods for you. […]

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Calories from different sources matter for fat loss

Sticking to a calorie controlled diet is seen as a solution to many peoples dieting plans, but it is always important to be aware as to where those calories are coming from. Stress levels can also impact how your body deposits fat. We can teach some new strategies to cope with stress factors so your […]

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How to gain muscle mass fast

The one month muscle program is a very useful tool we have set up to create an easy and understandable plan to help you kick start your diet changes. We provide simple ideas, along with recipes and further information for you to succeed with your muscle goals.

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Easy fat loss strategies that work

Losing fat isn’t the most complicated task to do, but many people still find it extremely difficult to stick to. It is always important to have a plan in place. The four week fat loss has a number of strategists you can use and adapt to get the success you deserve.  

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Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol or junk food for fat loss

After a hard week at work, it is always nice to reward yourself at the weekend. This is often in form of alcohol or junk food and in excessive amounts. Try moving away from associating food as a reward and try replacing with treats such as day activities, massages or a new hair style. Our programme […]

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How can you control sugar cravings?

Sugar cravings are very common, with many people struggling to control them and understanding the root cause of them. Starting off the day with a mixed meal can help reduce those blood glucose spikes through out the day. Our programme can teach you ways to reduce cravings and control your timing of eating to reduce these […]

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