I get asked a lot to do consultation for normal people, recreational athletes and folks who just have normal jobs and like to train. I also see people with fatigue based issues or those who have lost their ‘mojo’. We’ll be putting up more case studies on these guys in the next few months.

I make sure each week I have a clinic day dedicated to doing just this – seeing normal people with normal problems and aliments and giving them information in order to help them with their goals.

This weekly clinic is for seeing general public and providing them with the same level of service the elite athletes receive. Issues can vary from body composition, increased performance in their sports to digestive issues or tricky health conditions which have had no successful treatment from other sources……

So in case you were wondering there are a number of consultation packages available. The aim is for self sufficiency in as short a space of time as possible. Ideally you wouldn’t need more than 3 months of support unless you really like the feeling of having a nutritionist looking after you. We liaise closely with trainers who can act as the barometer and can do the frequent body composition testing which you will need to keep you on track.

Of course if things change and you have a new challenge of change of circumstance then we often see people each 6 months for a MOT and resetting goals for the next year or so. Some people sign up for triathlons or big challenges. Others might be starting a family and need help with fertility and baby nutrition. You might have just turned 40 and want to be ripped for once in your life!

Or you might have something wrong which hasn’t been fixed by a long line of practitioners and strategies and it might just be something to do with the way you eat and what you choose to eat that’s causing a problem.

Anyway we aim to provide you with the information related to your particular challenge and guide you through the behaviour changes you need to be able to stick to your plan. If we can’t help or it’s an area someone else knows more about we’ll pass you on to someone who can help…..

Sports Nutrition  Consultations

I provide personal Nutritional Consultations in London or via Skype. These consultations are suitable for anyone who is serious about improving your health or performance in some way. You don’t need to be an international standard athlete. I get just as much pleasure helping an overweight stressed businessman as I do an Olympic athlete.

Some of the activities the last few clients have embarked on include:

– Guy last year completed the marathon de sable.
– One client climbed Everest.
– Another walked 800 miles in 30 days around the cliffs of Cornwall.
– A third completed an iron man.
– A 4th client recently qualified for the Hawaii Iron Man.
– We’ve chap focusing on a south pole solo mission later this year
– We saw someone with chronic fatigue the week before with a rare digestive disorder

Prior to meeting you’ll complete 3 online questionnaires, this information helps me evaluate where you are currently and the likely areas for improvement. The data that is collected comes from different sectors of your life and helps me build a 3 Dimensional profile of you, your body and what makes you tick.   The first questionnaire is

Lifestyle Analysis and Questionnaire

This in depth survey helps identify what makes you tick, your motivations, day to day habits, working strategies, likes, dislikes and trends.  When we analyse the answers we can identify patterns that can provide insights into your behaviours which may have been contributing to your results and highlight immediate areas for improvement.

Symptom related questionnaire

This is a detailed questionnaire designed to find any imbalances in your body; it tackles all areas of the body, immune system, digestive function, neurotransmitter release.  It provides insight into areas of likely imbalance and importantly areas which may require further investigation.

It’s hard to believe that a questionnaire can provide this level of insight, I compare it to a psychometric type of analysis which you may be more familiar with. I’m often amazed at how accurate these can be when all I’ve done is answered a few multiple choice questions.  This really can be an absolute eye-opener!

Personal Consultation

We’ll then meet in person and have a consultation that will last for up to an hour maybe longer.  We’ll review the results of your questionnaires. We’ll discuss your sporting goals and develop a plan for realising them . I’ll also conduct a comprehensive 13 point  skin fold  body fat analysis.

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I’ll write up a report collating information from all 3 questionnaires and our personal consultation. We’ll use this report as your ‘ROAD MAP’ as you make changes and improvements over the coming 6 months. A key component of this report will be the detailed nutritional strategy that we set up

Months 2-5

Monthly consultations. We’ll touch base each month face to face or via skype to monitor your progress, resolve potential problems and set new targets and goals so you continue to improve.  We’ll also re -analyse your body composition.

Month 6

Consultation. We’ll review your progress discuss areas for future improvement.

If you’ve got any questions then please e-mail me at