Personal trainer recomendation Geoff Hatt

We’ve known Geoff Hatt for a number of years he came to the first ever seminar that we put on a number of years ago. Geoff runs a successful gym in Upminster, Essex. If you are in that area he is someone we definitely recommend.

Drink this one product to lose more fat

What freely available product can help you eat less and get better fat loss results. For more information about our Fat Loss Program (

Drink this one product to lose more fat

Drinking before a meal is commonly discussed as a way to reduce calorie intake when consuming a meal. This can be helpful in curbing overeating at meal times but it is important not to drink too much as this can reduce the essential absorption of nutrients whilst eating. Learn more about these simple strategies from […]

How Matt Lovell got started in nutrition

Here we have our very own Matt Lovell describing his wealth of experience with elite athletes from a huge range of sports. As well as how he found his love for exercise and training. His passion for helping others in the same way has driven his very successful career and the creation of The Fat […]

How Gavin Allinson got started in nutrition and what he does now

Meet one of our business owners Gavin Allinson here explaining his experiences and how he learnt the sports nutrition industry and his continuing passion for diet and sports performance. Gavin can offer many tips to help improve your diet as well as teaching fundamentals such as cooking skills and choosing the correct foods for you. […]

How to gain muscle mass fast

The one month muscle program is a very useful tool we have set up to create an easy and understandable plan to help you kick start your diet changes. We provide simple ideas, along with recipes and further information for you to succeed with your muscle goals.