Christmas thoughts

This week was good. A client has dropped 13b in 3 weeks on the four week fat loss system. I was explaining 4lb of that will be sugar and water, but boy is she pleased. She got a ham ordered from the butchers 12lb when she was putting it into the fridge she thought, “this […]

Chromium can help with cognition and blood sugar control

In a placebo-controlled study on 26 older adults with cognitive decline, supplementation with 1000 microg/d chromium picolinate may improve cognitive function. Following 12 weeks of supplementation 12 the supplemented group showed better learning, recall, and recognition memory. This was due to increased activation (showed with MRI scans) in areas of the forebrain associated with learning, […]

Nutritional training for an ironman – branch chain amino acids

Where to get grass fed beef from

I’ve been looking around for a supplier of Grass Fed Beef for a while because you just cant get it in the shops, it has to be ordered online. If you’ve followed this blog for a while you’ll know that I’m an advocate fo grass fed beef because it has the right mix of Omega […]

Why No One is Immune to Overtraining

Prevent overtraining by eating a moderate carb diet, targeting fruit and vegetable sources (keep in mind your reduced training load, however!), while doing as much as you can to reduce your work-load and stress levels! Exercise and resulting trauma can induce similar effects to infection, causing inflammation. Following exercise or infection, uninjured tissues are now […]

Managing Pre Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

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Disbelieving the 10kg muscle in 12 weeks.

Back from Body Power. Reflecting on some conversations I had a few people. Disbelieving the 10kg muscle on 12 weeks. I got this today from an elite rugby player junior international level now 23 years old. He’d had a pretty bad back injury and was in definite need of regeneration. Here is his e-mail Hey […]