You’re Hired – Ever fancied being on the Apprentice?

Use your passion for Health and Fitness on an intense mentorship process that  could end up with you owning a thriving business… We have a few select opportunities for MOTIVATED individuals to work with us enhancing our existing brands and products. Matt Lovell and Gavin Allinson have created and have access to numerous products (informational […]

Why protein and calories are important for fat loss

The distribution of your macronutrients can be essential for successful fat loss, most particularly high protein is needed to support muscle mass.   It is important to learn your individual body needs, we can help understand these and develop a plan that suits you!

Gluten free fat loss ideas

Gluten intolerance can be a confusing concept to understand, many people are either diagnosed or decide to take up this diet under illusion it is healthier way of living.   The Four Week Fat Loss programme can show you healthy alternatives that don’t eliminate  gluten if not necessary, as well as providing extra help to […]

Make Pancakes from Scratch, it’s easy

I don’t often post press releases but this one is for a decent charity and it’s something I care passionately about. If parents can’t even be bothered to cook pancakes from scratch we really are looking at a grim situation.   Welsh fine artist Nathan Wyburn, creates popular icon Justin Bieber out of pancakes for […]

Should you drink water before eating for fat loss

In this vlog Gavin Allinson and Matt Lovell discuss whether drinking water before eating is a good idea for fat loss. Does it help in making you feel fuller so you eat less or does it dilute your stomach acid.        

grapefruit juice and fat loss

Yes it is possible to drink calories and also eat fruit to lose weight. Find out how Grapefruit juice works and also why Apple Cider Vinegar can also help too.          

One door closes another opens…

My time working with the England Rugby Team is coming to an end. I’ve had an amazing 13 years and got to work with and become friends with some icons of English Sport, Sir Clive Woodward, Jonny Wilkinson, Martin Johnson to name a few as well as hundreds of players and support staff. In modern […]