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Anabolic BuilderThe primary reason that it’s easier for the non-athlete to build muscle is that generally you have further to go before you reach your genetic potential.

In order to become an elite athlete you will have had to train pretty hard already to get to that stage and to varying degrees you will be close to your genetic potential.

Having said that one of my elite athletes built 10Kg or 22 lbs of muscle in a 12 week period. He had already been an international rugby player for 8 years so you would probably think the was quite close to his genetic potential.

Most people who want to get bigger and put on weight will put in the work in the gym, they’ll train 3-5 times a week and are probably doing the right type of weight training and the correct ammount of volume, after all there are plenty of work out routines in any edition of the Mens Health  bodybuilding magazines.

Where most people and programs let themselves down is with  nutrition and rest.Anabolic Builder

The average person will probably have a protein shake after a work out or may even be using some creatine. Taking these 2 supplements is going to help for sure, but it’s going to be a long old road getting to Beef Cake Mountain.

To get rapid results you need to optimise your sports nutrition supplements and rest aggressivley.  

I know that sounds odd ‘rest aggressivley’ . When we rest and sleep is when our body does its’s growing, its when most growth hormone is released.  No body ever really talks about this stuff because it is not ‘sexy’

When I work with elite athletes we can use up to 15 different supplements, (all natural and legal of course) over the course of a 12 week period.

Using these supplements in the way that I teach  generates results like you have never seen before or even believed were possible.

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