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Introduction; Born to help you…….

R5 aminos

The original amino blend in the amino man range, a mix of calming aminos aimed at encouraging deep sleep and optimising normal growth hormone release. A zinc and magnesium blend is included alongside antioxidant enzyme supporting minerals and good doses of b-vitamins, including B6, methyl folate and B12 round this off nicely.

A best seller, users report increased recovery, decreased soreness and deeper more restful sleep.

  • Best seller
  • Increased recovery, sleep and regeneration
  • Tastes delicious
  • May help with cravings and well-being

R5 Plus (blueberry)

Building on the original formula and offering a different taste perspective the R5 plus offers a big 600mg hit of ashwaganda per serving, along with 500mg of pure blueberry extract.

  • Best seller
  • Increased recovery, sleep and regeneration
  • Tastes delicious
  • May help with cravings and well-being
  • Additional ashwaganda and blueberry extract further aiding hormonal drive and antioxidant protection

Focus formula

The focus formula is a blend of nootropic aminos, b-vitamins, adaptogens, pinebark extract, huperzine A and vinpocetine. Along with this a big dose of nitrates from natural beetroot and vegetable extracts oxystorm TM.

I’ve not found anything which parallels the strength and depth of this formula. You can feel the effects within a few minutes of consuming the powder.

  • Unparelled formula
  • Instant focus
  • Increase neural drive for workouts
  • Aids fatigue based symptoms
  • Improved memory
  • Aids fat burning and blood flow

Fish oils

High strength, ultra-pure, 3rd party tested for any contaminants.

  • Helps recovery and fat burning
  • Learning and memory
  • Joint health
  • Ultra pure certified and 3rd party tested
  • Concentrated dose per cap offers 750mg EPA and 250mg DHA
  • Helps moderate inflammation and multiple other health benefits


Organic pure greens powder. Taking from the most nutrient dense parts of the plant and freeze dried to help preserve active components. A simple way to keep on top of your vegetable intake. Makes a perfect addition to smoothies or protein shakes.

  • Organic
  • High potency
  • Perfect way to top up your vegetable intake
  • 2 servings of vegetables per tsp

Vitamin D / K complex

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient derived primarily from sunshine. You need vitamin D for thousands of processes in the body to work well. It plays a role in immune function, inflammation, bone health, depression, seasonal affective disorder, exercise recovery, testosterone production, fertility and so on.

Vitamin K is a cofactor in vitamin D metabolism along with magnesium and other trace minerals required for optimal bone mineral density. This formula incorporates recommended amount of each of these cofactors for a more powerful synergistic effect.

It’s the only formula like it on the UK market for the price.

  • More than vitamin D
  • Essential cofactors, magnesium, zinc, boron, manganese, K2
  • Comprehensive blend
  • Optimal trace mineral and vitamin D complex

Green Tea

Matcha Green tea is a high quality organically sourced green tea. The process ensures a higher antioxidant content from the tea. Up to 128 time stronger than standard green tea. A little bit goes a long way. One pot should give you 80-100 cups of tea.

  • Tastes nice
  • Helps burn fat
  • Limits appetite
  • High in antioxidants


It takes 2.5kg of grape skin and half a kilo of apple skin to make 1 of my vinitroxplus tablets. I made these triple strength. In terms of what they do, essentially they increase blood flow and provide a rich source of bioflavonoids. One possible effect is an increase in free testosterone levels, combined with the blood flow effect, I like describing these as ‘natural viagra’ it’s an apt phrase. These have been proven to increase exercise performance. People feel more energetic when they take them also. They may also help T levels.

  • Supports blood flow
  • Increases exercise performance
  • Excellent source of flavonoids
  • May help testosterone levels

Spice mixes…..

We have 3 spices mixes, my immune blend of cloves, all spice, ginger and other lovely things to help with immune function. My BBQ spice mix which makes a superb marinade, along with the chili spice mix which is great in Bolognese and also chili!

You’ll all be aware of the heath giving properties of spices and the key difference about these mixes is they are fully organic and free from any additional added salt. They are also very competitively priced.

T-shirts (new designs) are all on their way. We’ll let you know as soon as these are ready.

Shortly to arrive in the 1st few months leading into the New Year;

Longvida; bioavailable curcumin extract.

Curcumin is one of the most studied of all the spices, it’s effects range from neuroprotective, through to joints, liver and cellular protection. The studies are too numerous to list but we’ve included a few on the website for your reference.

The issue with the pure spice is bioavailability. Longvida boasts a host of well researched benefits.

  • Protects and repairs the body
  • Good for brain, organs and cells – seems to protect everything
  • Helps with building muscle in the older population
  • Powerful inflammation modulator

Amino Power Loader

A big spec amino power loader formula. Contains creapure, creatine precursors, beta-alanine, TMG, BCAA, EAA, cofactors and insulin shuttling additions. Zero sugar you can use your own carbs rather than pay loads for some dextrose. This is one of the most comprehensive pre-intra and post workout loaders available. We are so confident you will perform better within 2 weeks (or sooner) from taking it, we’re offering a no quibble money back guarantee. Just return the remaining powder to us (we’ll take it ourselves) and refund will follow. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Blood flow
  • Muscle power
  • Lactate buffering
  • Neural drive
  • Protein synthesis
  • Insulin sensitising

Metabolic enhancer (a blend of anti-inflammatory herbs, ginger along with milk thistle).

A BIG flavonoid formula; quercetin, green tea extract, boswellia, curcumin, milk thistle, antioxidant mixed supporting nutrients. Rounds off this gram based anti-inflammatory, metabolic enhancer. Individually the ingredients have been show to support endurance based activities, enhanced fat burning, lowering inflammation and pain, protecting cells, organs and brain against damage, along with direct cleansing support from milk thistle.

  • Fat burning and endurance building
  • Inflammation Modulating
  • Cell protecting
  • Cleansing and detox support
  • Joint movement and pain support
  • Cardiovascular support

Amino Woman support formula; AMBER AMINOS; an adaptogen and b-vitamin mix aimed at hormonal control and anti-anxiety.

A high dosed B-vitamin and adaptogen blend aimed at providing energy and balance. With gram doses of Siberian ginseng, maca and ashwaganda powerful herbs with great stress moderating qualities. Flavanoid rich cacoa and cocoa extract are combined with a completely natural and artificial sweetener and flavour free. The addition of 5HTP helps with serotonin production. Glycine and baobab support, iron levels (list iron content per serving or 100g) Along with a Pre-biotic inulin and probiotic rich powder.

  • Body, mind and spirit balancing formula
  • Helps adaptation and stress
  • Hormonal support
  • Aphrodisiac qualities
  • High flavonoid
  • Serotonin, relaxation and sleep aid

Immune Power formula a blend of medicinal mushrooms and berry extracts;

A mix of medical mushrooms and berry extracts, with added vitamin C and zinc for normal immune response.

High in beta glucan. Rich in vitamin C and immune boosting berries.

  • Highly effective immune support
  • May help recovery from exercise
  • Stop you getting ill and speeds recovery from illness


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