You’re Hired – Ever fancied being on the Apprentice?

matt-gav-youre hired
Use your passion for Health and Fitness
on an intense mentorship process that 

could end up with you owning a
thriving business…

We have a few select opportunities for MOTIVATED individuals to work with us
enhancing our existing brands and products.

Matt Lovell and Gavin Allinson have created and have access to numerous
products (informational and physical) and we are looking for partners to
work with us developing the profile and sales of those products
as well as creating new ones.

The opportunity could be treated like the TV show  ‘The Apprentice’ where you work on a project for a number of weeks learning all the relevant skills required to build and market a brand.

Hopefully you’ll want to continue working with us and with ‘your brand’ or you may decide to take what you’ve learnt and work on your own ideas.

Ideally we we would like to build a long term relationship where you earn
equity and ownership of the brand you work on and unlike the TV show
all participants will have the opportunity to continue working with us.

Depending on how successful and hard working you are this could lead
to a sizeable income and a full-time opportunity.

Importantly you’ll get to work closely with Matt Lovell to learn high level nutritional strategies and Gavin Allinson to develop writing, marketing and coaching strategies that will serve you well for your future career and your own projects.

For the right person that goes through this process you will receive and
develop the following

  • Access to all of our online material and courses.
  • Supplies of our own supplements free of charge
  • Free samples of other products to evaluate
  • Regular in person meetings and skype calls
  • Assistance developing your own  PERSONAL website that you will own.
  • We will help publicise you and promote you within our networks.
  • You will build your own highly responsive e-mail list
  • Optimised Facebook, Twitter and Linked in Profiles
  • Based on sales generated you could be earning money from Day 1

What we will expect from you and who is this position suitable for…

Attitude is most important you need
to be a problem solver who gets shit done.
Be open minded to new ideas and different ways of thinking

You will need to have a passion for nutrition and training
and want to learn how to create and operate
a successful online business.


You’ll have a passion for marketing and social media,
and want to develop experience in nutrition and training.

You need to be entrepreneurially minded and want to work for yourself,
and get rewarded in line for what you create and produce.
We are not looking for people with an employee mentality.

What might you be doing now

  • Left University and trying to find your way
  • Getting established as a PT but have little nutrition experience
  • At 6th Form/College/Uni with time on your hands
  • Interested in online marketing but little nutrition or fitness knowledge
  • Full Time Athlete looking to develop options for their career

You’ll need to be a self starter, we won’t be chasing you up asking
where have you been and what are you doing,
this is a serious opportunity and DEMANDS commitment.

You will have your own project to work on and manage and will be able to
see exactly what return you get and can pay you cash in relation to that.

You don’t need any specific technical IT skills as we have
access to web and graphic designers, who do work for us.

As you may have realised there are very few ‘Full Time’ positions
in the world of nutrition.

Universities charge £9000 a year and graduates are churned out deep
in debt with little real world practical experience and guidance on how
to get started building a career and business.

Where this opportunity is different is that you will be building an
asset that as long as you do the work you will
have a share in and will generate an income for you.

This selection process will be competitive as we only
have the capacity to work with a handful of people.

If you are interested contact Gavin Allinson and let him know
in under 200 words, why you would like this opportunity.


P.S. Having some initiative is a pre-requisite.

About Matt Lovell

A sports nutritionist and brand ambassador for Kinetica Sports. Matt also runs his own elite performance based company called Perform and Function.

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