Gluten free fat loss ideas

Gluten intolerance can be a confusing concept to understand, many people are either diagnosed or decide to take up this diet under illusion it is healthier way of living.


The Four Week Fat Loss programme can show you healthy alternatives that don’t eliminate ¬†gluten if not necessary,
as well as providing extra help to those needing to make those changes to diet from a medical diagnosis.

About Matt Lovell

A sports nutritionist and brand ambassador for Kinetica Sports. Matt also runs his own elite performance based company called Perform and Function.


  1. Susie Griffin says:

    This little nugget of advice is absolutely the best way forward. After being diagnosed coeliac just over two years ago I was pointed in the direction of all sorts of substitutes and free from products. In actuality I took it as an opportunity to get right back to basics with sourcing the freshest ‘simplest’ ingredients I could, limited my starches and dense carb consumption to the right time and am a hairs breadth under 40 kgs lighter for it.

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