Blenders and Nutri Bulletts which ones are best

A major part of the 7 day JumpStart program involves consuming meal replacement shakes.

You’ll have 3 shakes a day for the first 4 days and then 2 a day on days 5-7.
You’ll also need to eat a serving of fruit a day and a big serving of vegetables each day.

You can either eat these separately
You can combine the fruit and blend them into one of your shakes and put the veg into another of your shakes.

In order to do this using some sort of blender will improve the palatability, it’s not going to look too good having spinach leaves floating around in your chocolate shake, but blend them in and you won’t realise that they are there.

Any sort of blender should be able to do the trick for you,

  • a stick blender
  • nutribullet or
  • Food processor



This NutriBullet 8 Piece set is on sale for £79 it comes with 2 Cups





salter-nutri-pro-1000I watched a show on BBC TV where they ‘road tested’ cheaper versions of the Nutribullet and the one that came out the best was this one The Salter Nutri Pro 1000 at around £49 for a Nutri Bullett look alike




The Big-Daddies of the Blender world are the Vitamix and the Blendtec. I’ve got the Blendtec. You’ll see this brand in most of the coffee shops like Starbucks and Costa. They are not the cheapest but they will last for ever and they do lots of cool stuff.
For example…You can put vegetables and cold water into the blender and in 4 minutes you will have piping hot soup. The soup setting spins so fast that the friction heats up the contents.

The Vitamix comes with a stick that you use to push the contents down with, I didn’t fancy that, so I choose the Blendtec. They are both around the £400 mark.

Blendtec-total-278x300If you are working away from home you can blend your shake and take it with you in a shaker bottle, make sure it has a tight fitting lid. You don’t want to lose your lunch in the bottom of your bag.
If you are in an office you can take your blender to the office or buy an extra one and leave it there.

If you’ve not got a blender don’t worry you can eat your veg separately, some of you may choose to do this anyway preferring a big plate of steamed broccoli rather than blending spinach into your shakes.


It’s up to you there is no right or wrong way to combine your vegetables and shakes  





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