Chromium can help with cognition and blood sugar control

In a placebo-controlled study on 26 older adults with cognitive decline, supplementation with 1000 microg/d chromium picolinate may improve cognitive function. Following 12 weeks of supplementation 12 the supplemented group showed better learning, recall, and recognition memory. This was due to increased activation (showed with MRI scans) in areas of the forebrain associated with learning, understanding and recall, and may be related to the effect of chromium on regulating blood sugar.

What can you do?

Regulating blood sugar with low glycemic index foods, minerals like chromium, and ingredients like cinnamon can keep the supply of fuel to your brain constant, reducing cravings and optimising mental performance.

Krikorian R, Shidler MD, et al, (2010); “Improved cognitive-cerebral function in older adults with chromium supplementation,” Nutr Neurosci, 13(3): 116-22

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