Where to get grass fed beef from

I’ve been looking around for a supplier of Grass Fed Beef for a while because you just cant get it in the shops, it has to be ordered online.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you’ll know that I’m an advocate fo grass fed beef because it has the right mix of Omega 3 oils compared to grain fed beef which has high levels of Omega 6 which in excess causes inflammation. In the typical western diet we have excess ammounts of omega 6.

We’ve had a number of conversations with a company called Athleat they are already supplying meat to a number of professional rugby clubs up and down the country and they have got the right ethos and attitude for a company that I’d like to work with.

Athleat has been set up by Lee Harrison  a former professional rugby player and they have already done really well since starting up and they have got some excellent ideas for the future. I can see myself and the athletes I work with ordering a box every week or couple of weeks.  We are  in talks about putting together a Matt Lovell (endorsed meat box) that will have a complete range of meats that you’ll be able to use to create your weekly meals

Check them out, sign up to their newsletter and place an order they’ve been generous enough to give us a 10% discount code that you can use, I think it may work out for all your orders but I’m not sure if it’s just an introductory offer.  The grass fed beef does really taste excellent and I know I ‘ve had some excellent steaks on tour with England in South Africa, Australia and Argentina.  Here’s the code ml1010.

Let me know what you think.


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