Disbelieving the 10kg muscle in 12 weeks.

Back from Body Power. Reflecting on some conversations I had a few people. Disbelieving the 10kg muscle on 12 weeks.

I got this today from an elite rugby player junior international level now 23 years old. He’d had a pretty bad back injury and was in definite need of regeneration.

Here is his e-mail

Hey mate,

I’ve received full clearance from the surgeon so back home now and resuming rugby training tomorrow morning. It’d be good to have a catch on skype sometime soon to conclude regenerate etc and have a discussion about my nutrition going forward.

You’ll be happy to know I weighed in at 94.8kg today and started my training at 85kg. Previous playing weight was 90-91kg. Great gains so thank you for your expertise/help!

Talk soon,

He has been rebuilt now and is ready to rock.

Ok let’s look at this logically some doom and gloom merchants would say it’s only really a gain from his original playing weight to his new weight.

That’s still 5kg he’s added.

I’d also counter this and say that he was already pretty well trained and close to his potential. If you have never trained to that level it’s going to be easier to make the bigger gains anyway.

I don’t really need to justify the results I know my process works you just have to follow it and do the work.

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