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Supporting healthy blood flow

Folic acid

Needed for any kind of protein synthesis and DNA expression, folic acid if therefore one of the most important nutrients for blood-building. It is needed to satisfy the insatiable demand for constantly forming new red blood cells from bone marrow and has been successfully used to treat erectile dysfunction (Agostini, Rossi, & Pajalich, 2006; Lombardo, et al., 2010) best to take a good multi containing all the b-vitamins or use a b-vitamin complex for this. Ideally look for folate not folic acid in such a formula more up to date formulas will contain folate.

Beetroot – supports Nitric oxide production in the body (Bailey, et al., 2010). This is a chemical that causes blood vessels to open. It’s also the compound that Viagra successfully up-regulates to treat erectile dysfunction! Eat lots of beets, and consider beetroot juice or beet shots for additional boosting power in the bedroom, it can turn your pee and poo red though – so expect this and don’t call the doctor (unless you have pain or discomfort which is unusual).


are compounds in many foods that are related to aspirin (made from salicylic acid). They bind to an enzyme to reduce the formation of chemicals that encourage clotting. This will keep the blood thinner and better able to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the organs that need it – yes, those organs too! Just eat lots of these from vegetables and berry fruits, spices and other items on this list; they are higher in organic foods.

Ginseng –helps increase blood flow to reproductive tissues. It has been seen to induce  iNOS, an enzyme needed for red-blooded  instincts, in human cells (Friedl, Moeslinger, Kopp, & Spieckermann, 2001) and help men gain erections. Ginseng may upregulate the physical response to sexual arousal (Chen & Lee, 1995). Ginseng come in different forms, panax, Siberian and Brazilian. Get the misses to get a Brazilain and you take some Brazilian – brilliant. Doses vary see below for some starting guidelines.

Brazilian Ginseng functions

Panax function

One of the best ways to take panax is the concentrated syrup you find in china town. It’s proven to aid sexual function and in some studies showed an increase in free testosterone levels. It’s a slight stimulant unlike Siberian ginseng which can be taken at anytime. Use 1g 2-3 times per day before vigorous activity.

Ginkgo Biloba

This herb also helps blood flow involved in sexual arousal (Auguet, Delaflotte, Hellegouarch, & Clostre, 1986). Sixty patients were treated with 60 mg/day ginkgo extract for

12 to 18 months and benefited from enhanced sex-circulation! Fifty percent of patients regained potency (Richard, 1989). Ginkgo really helps with improving happiness too.

Ginkgo also had positive effects on desire, excitement, erection/lubrication, and orgasm in another clinical trial (Cohen & Bartlik, 1998). Dose 60mg per day – as with all herbs and supplements medications consult your Dr if you are using any other type of medication particularly blood thinning medication.


This amino is a precursor for nitric oxide, which is needed for blood flow. A combined supplement of

L-arginine, ginseng, ginkgo, damiana, multivitamins, and minerals led to significant improvement in level of female sexual desire and sexual satisfaction, compared with placebo (T. Ito, Kawahara, Das, & Strudwick, 1998; T. Y. Ito, Polan, Whipple, & Trant, 2006; T. Y. Ito, et al., 2001). It’s not only men who need adequate blood-flow to increase sexual potency! Arginine supplementation increased frequency of intercourse, satisfaction and lubrication. You need a good dose of 3-10g per day – ideally taken all at once, arginine doesn’t taste very nice so some people prefer taking AAKG – and arginine analogue. Use the same dosing pattern. Try to balance arginine supplementation with lysine and don’t frequently use it if you suffer from herpes viral infections.


An extract from pine bark, helps convert arginine into nitrix oxide through up-regulating an enzyme. It’s a real healthy supplement which has a number of strong health giving properties and should be cycled as part of a sensible anti-oxidant supplementation programme.

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