D-fend yourself against D-ficiency!

Vitamin D is a real point of contention in nutritional circles. There’s so much variation between different populations in terms of the quantities needed for good health, as well as how bio-available the vitamin is for different individuals. One thing’s for certain; this vitamin is essential for most areas of health, well-being and performance. Women in particular need to ensure an adequate intake as deficiencies are more common in the fairer sex and related to problems with bone-health. Deficiency has also been linked to increased body fat and decreased muscle strength.  The study analysed here examined in muscle. In 90 healthy young females,(16-22 yr), approximately 59% of subjects were vitamin-D deficient according to levels in their blood. Vitamin-D status was inversely related to measures of percent muscle fat, while percent muscle fat was significantly lower in women with normal concentrations.

What can you do?

Getting more sunshine is the best way to increase levels of vitamin D, and now, summer’s approaching! However, for many people, especially considering the latitude of Great Britain, this still won’t be enough. Oily fish and sources of good-fats and fortified milk (for those who tolerate dairy well) are good sources, but often far lower than those that can be obtained from supplementation. A good quality multivitamin or nutrient pack may be a convenient choice for many people.

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