WTF is a Ray Klerck?

I want to introduce you to Ray Klerck.

Ray writes articles and edits Fitness Magazines.

I’ve known Ray for 9 Years.

He helped me put together my Fist Full of Food Book and is responsible
for me getting lots of mentions and articles printed in fitness
magazines around the world.

Ray is looking to train and mentor a small group of individuals who are
interested in diversifying what they do and break into the world of
writing for fitness magazines.

No one is born a fitness writer, there are skills that ANYONE can learn

Let me let Ray tell his story….

Matt Lovell

Here’s Ray…..

After university I arrived in London in 2001 from Cape Town, South Africa
with a mere £335 in my back pocket and an information systems
degree fresh in my brain.

The IT sector bubble was a freshly burst enigma, shattering my chances of finding
a job in my field. Necessity made me take a low level job as a post-boy at Rodale,
which published Men’s Health and Runner’s World magazines.

Looking back on it now it was


that shaped my future.

I’d always played sports and loved exercising so was already a
fan of fitness magazines, but had

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in my skill set
that could have prepared me for a writing career.

Tapping out computer code was a far cry from writing well crafted articles.

After a year of delivering the mail, Men’s Health Magazine got a
new editor: Morgan Rees.

He must have sensed my raw ambition and after some severe hounding on my part,

he took a punt….

and gave me the chance to write for Men’s Health one day a week.

During this time, I also studied at night and on the weekends to
become a strength and fat loss coach and typed all my freshly
gained knowledge onto the pages of the magazines.

One day a week became two days then three and
eventually I was writing five days a week.

I can still remember the ELATION of seeing my name in print for the very first time.

It felt as though I’d arrived…

the world was watching…

and I’d been paid to do something I love

which almost didn’t feel right –


Soon I went from fitness assistant to
fitness editor then became the
Fitness Director of the most successful men’s magazine in the UK
Men’s Health.

I took things a step further and put my money where my mouth was
and transformed by body into cover model shape and became one
of the first staffers to be featured on the cover of Men’s Health magazine.

Having earned the skills to be at the top of publishing game,
I got married and wanted to be close to the sun and sea
again so undertook a move to my current home:

I wanted more FREEDOM

I’d always dreamed of living a life by the sea while writing to pay the bills.

From Australia, I continued to produce a 22-page section of Men’s Health
on a FREELANCE basis,

Then I worked with Human Kinetics to produce
the complete health and fitness book titled
Body Trainer For Men, look it up on Amazon to read all the five stars reviews.

Now, I’m also the freelance fitness advisor for
Women’s Health Magazine and have taken up the editorship of
TRAIN magazine.

Busy times, right?
Well, yes and no…

Being FREELANCE means you get walk to the beat of your own drum.

Need to take a day off because the SURF IS PUMPING
Easy, get in the water,

Your kids are on holiday
take the kids to the park

Want to have coffee with your friends?
Head out and hook up

Write when you want to make up the time.

The majority of people who are freelance writers use their writing skills
as an additional income stream to begin with,
as you achieve more success you
start picking and choosing what work you do.

It means you don’t have to be anywhere at a set time.

There is no dress code,
no commute or
no office politics.

There is only the independence to thoroughly enjoy what you do,
spend time with your family when you want
and get paid to do it.

Why am I telling you this? and
why are you still reading?

For The First Time Ever YOU Can Learn
The Skill To Become A

There is more than enough work out there for loads more
writers to contribute toward fighting obesity
and improving people’s lives around the globe.

I Want To Train People I Can Publish In
My Magazines And Recommend To
My Industry Contacts Who Need Writers Now

This starts by giving budding writers the leg up that I was so kindly given by Morgan Rees back when I was a humble post boy.

Tomorrow I will share with you what skills you need to develop to become a
Freelance Fitness Writer.

I’ll also tell you how much you can earn for 2 sides of typed A4….

About Matt Lovell

A sports nutritionist and brand ambassador for Kinetica Sports. Matt also runs his own elite performance based company called Perform and Function.

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