Vitamin D – and Testosterone Sexual and sporting performance

Sunshine increases vitamin D levels, but in the winter our levels obviously decline in northern  countries.

Suboptimal vitamin D levels often result in suboptimal testosterone level.

Supplementing with vitamin D is a good way to boost T production when you don’t get enough sun exposure. The vitamin D research council recommends 1000ius per 25lb of body weight for humans over the age of 1 years old. You can stop supplementing if you get adequate sun exposure. Using sunscreen blocks vitamin D absorption – so tan without burning through short term exposure early in the day and later in the afternoon, covering up or using sunscreen in-between times.

Vitamin D is probably one of the most researched areas in nutrition recently. It has many beneficial effects other than just helping with hormonal balance. Its use and optimal levels are related to lower incidence of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. If you like skinny dipping exposing the testicles to a little sunshine also doubles the testosterone effect you get from sunshine – just don’t get caught with your pants down on the wrong beach!

Prevent testosterone converting into estrogen!

This is very common problem with men and the aromatase enzyme responsible for such conversion increases with age and body fat. This is one reason for men getting female fat deposition or ‘bitch tits’.  For women excess estrogen can cause many problems especially the harmful type of estrogen metabolites. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of all these hormonal names, just the fact that certain natural compounds can both block and get rid of the harmful estrogen thus improving health.  It’s important to consult with a nutritionist in order to get the right balance.

Compounds which limit aromatase are:

Grape seed extract (contact us for a supply)
Chrysin- Passion Flower (for older men)
DIM (diindolymethane) to assist optimal estrogen metabolism

DiM is naturally found in the  broccoli family of vegetables or taking a supplement can prove very effective natural balancing protection. Using 300-600mg of DIM, with 750-2000mg chrysin each day will assist men in reducing aromatase and women with estrogen driven problems or body fat distribution.

ZINC will also naturally assist optimal hormonal balance for men and women. Take as part of a decent multi vitamin and or as a night time ZMA formula. 

To work out a bespoke treatment plan contact us for a nutritional consultation.

About Matt Lovell

A sports nutritionist and brand ambassador for Kinetica Sports. Matt also runs his own elite performance based company called Perform and Function.

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