Green Tea Vs UV…

Green tea may exhibit even more health-giving properties in addition to fat loss and antioxidant status, exerting a protective effect against ultraviolet rays that can cause DNA damage and lead to skin cancer. Green tea intake significantly reduced the genotoxic effects observed in peripheral blood cells from 10 healthy volunteers.

What can you do?

Green tea is a wonderful addition to anyone’s diet, giving a multitude of health effects and offering a calming ritual to de-stress your day or end a meal. However, if you think that a supplement may be a more convenient way to incorporate this product into your diet (as well as giving a far greater dose than a simple cuppa!), green-tea extract is a proven way to incorporate these catechin antioxidants into your body’s cells…

De la Roche H et al, (2010);”Using natural dietary sources of antioxidants to protect against ultraviolet and visible radiation-induced DNA damage” J Photochem Photobiol B; [Epub]

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