Fish Oils for optimal hormonal production

Fish Oils;

If you had to go to a dessert island and take 1 supplement with you I would choose  omega 3. You’ll probably be aware of the health benefits of Omega 3’s less widely known is it’s role  in optimising  hormonal production. Interestingly males tend to do better on EPA and females on DHA for optimal hormone production. It helps keep the blood thin, vessels dilated and can also assist healthy body composition.

Fat and cholesterol;

A low fat diet has been linked to low sex hormone production and depression in several studies. Not what you want when  ‘sexy time’  is on the cards but eating the wrong types of trans fats and excess omega 6’s will also lead you down the wrong hormonal and inflammatory path. Increasing mono unsatuarates from olive oil, avocado, organic peanut butter and olives – along with fish oil supplementation – and oily fish consumption on a regular basis is the 1st starting point.

Following that you can look to manipulate fatty acid intake and cholesterol rich foods to optimise T production either in the morning or at night or directly following exercise which has been tailored to optimize hormonal production.

An example of this Prostaglandin manipulation;

Eat food high in cholesterol and other fats in the meal immediately after the hardest training sessions during the day.  Examples of this are;

  • Eggs
  • Seafood such as prawns and other crustacians
  • Offal such as liver
  • Beef, onions, garlic and pineapple with sweet potatoes and mayonnaise
  • Vitamin d, fish oils including cod liver oil, nuts such as almonds
  • Prawns with garlic mayonnaise on toast with cheddar cheese on top
  • Pork, stuffing, egg and cress sandwiches
  • Roasted almonds, coronation pork with brown rice
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