Sports Nutritional Fundamentals – Teaching Youngsters

This week I was at London Irish talking to their academy about basic nutritional principles for rugby players to follow. It’s an easy mistake to make to think that now it’s 2013 young adults should know about how fast carbohydrates can raise blood glucose.

I asked 40 young athletes what the glycemic index was!

None of them knew…

You’d think this would be taught in schools, or that parents would know and be able to pass this basic knowledge onto their children. If you don’t know yourself  or know someone that doesn’t know this information please forward this email to them or get them to sign up to the blog.

It made me think I’ve got to get more of this vital information out to the masses. All the information is out there on the internet but the message is not getting through, the Govt. could do with putting some money into this as a health education initiative. I’m going to be sending out reminders  over the next few months and also yearly checks in with new information on old essential principles.

These basic nutritional concepts are essential life skills.

Without an understanding of the fundamentals how can you know enough about carbs to make sure your energy levels are well balanced and to ensure optimum body composition?

(sharma Insert blood sugar roller coaster video)

Other areas that were lacking are the number of  grams of protein to be consumed each day according to body weight and what omega 3 or 6 fats were, where they come from and the effects they have in the body.

We touched on the most common deficiency in the UK being vitamin D and how it’s essential to get your vitamin D Levels tested.

Magnesium deficiency is the 2nd most common form of micronutrient missing from the diet of the UK population and most people have not got a clue on where you can get magnesium in your diet.

Many of these items are discussed in the sports nutrition essentials document which is free to download and you can do this here (insert link).

I’ve also added some information on magnesium and Vtamin D along with some studies pulled off medline if you are interested..

Please forward this email to anyone you think who might benefit from this entry level information as even the basics can take you a long way forwards in terms of body composition and energy management, increasing lean mass and addressing likely deficiencies.

On the deficiencies front we’re offering a small panel of tests which you can arrange to get done at the Dr’s Laboratory in London, this panel looks at vitamin D status, red cell magnesium, omega 3/6 ratio, red cell folate, active B12, ferritin and iron status. It’s a small but essential panel for all athletes and individuals to take periodically at least once per year, ideally each 3 months if you are actively competing.

If you’d like more information on the testing and prices please email me at

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