No Zero Days

goal-settingMost of us have some goals we are trying to achieve it might be to build muscle, lose fat, make more money.

As we are primarily interested with nutrition let’s frame this discussion around fat loss.

The concept of no zero days is that every day you do something no matter how small towards achieving your goal.

As long as you are doing something then that is better than nothing and you are heading in the right direction.

Since I’ve been more heavily involved with nutrition my weight has fluctuated between 92Kg and 99Kg, 92 for me is lean and around 8% body fat and 99Kg is around 14%.  My all time high is 118Kg.

During this period I have observed a few personal habits of mine that help keep me on track and also those that creep in when I am off the wagon.

When I go off the wagon, I stop weighing myself daily and not surprisingly me weight creeps up.

I suppose I am saying to myself

‘If I can’t see my number on the scale then it is not really happening’.

When I start weighing myself regularly I am in  a better position to control my body composition.

Another thing that I find that is related to increase in weight for me is when I stop doing exercise, usually I ride my bike everywhere and probably get at least 20 minutes of cardio in per day, sometimes during the course of the year my bike has been out of action and I’ve missed that extra exercise. Usually if my bike is out of action it also means that I stop going to the gym to do my BJJ classes so it has a double whammy effect.

Here are some of the entries that I will do each day

  • Record my weight every day
  • review my list of goals first thing and at night


  • 60 press ups (increase by 1 each day)
  • shoulder press
  • lateral raise
  • walk dog every day
  • 1 cup green tea daily
  • take vitamins and fish oils

It’s important that you don’t overwhelm yourself with too many tasks to do on a daily basis, we want to set up good habits and it’s important to get some success first rather than have 15 things you must do every day.

Here are some other things that you might consider adding to your No Zero Days list

  • read your goal in the morning and evening
  • look at a picture of the type of shape you want to be in
  • drink water
  • some sort of movement/exercise
  • eat breakfast
  • eat high protein breakfast
  • stop eating at a certain time
  • plan meals for the day
  • plan meals for the week
  • prepare meals for the day
  • eat green veg with main meal
  • Get 7-9 hours sleep each night
  • Go to bed at a certain time
  • take fish oils
  • eat oily fish or take fish oil every day
  • snack on (jerky, celery, 20 nuts, cottage cheese, carrot etc) between meals

On this list only add positive things e.g. if eating biscuits at 10.30 is something you don’t want to do,

DON’T add to your list  No biscuits at 10.30

If you do that every day you are going to be thinking about biscuits at 10.30 when you read your list

or the reminder pops up in the morning. A better option would be to put eat healthy snack at 10.30 (Carrot sticks, nuts, cucumber etc)

I’ve been using an app called Wunderlist for managing my list, it syncs with phone and PC so I get reminders on my phone and by e-mail. I set the tasks so they repeat each day and I get reminded of them at certain times of the day.

It seems to be working for me.  What are the habits that you are going to add to your No Zero Days list?

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