Dangers of environmental toxins

This morning on radio 4 – they were talking about a recent paper which has been released on the dangers of environmental toxins.

This is an interesting area and one I care a lot about. On the one hand we are told the toxins present in plastics, preservatives, pesticide and so on don’t really pose a problem in the amounts we are exposed to. On the other hand we’ve groups who would have everyone live as pure a life as possible with zero exposure to these types of toxin (or toxicant as you’ll find out in the presentation).

I’ve had a look and a think about this and I’ve put together a presentation – I think there’s some audio as well which I’m searching for.

Anyway here’s the slides for now and I’ll dig out the audio shortly and then you can maybe listen to this and see what you think.


Click here to download presentation

I personally try to avoid unnecessary exposure where possible. It’s often a good mental exercise when you hear somethings not bad for you according to an expert or government body to consider whether you’d give some of that substance to your children or take a large dose yourself…..

When we add up our yearly exposure to these substances it can end up being pretty worrying. But – and it’s a big but – it’s almost impossible to limit total exposure unless you move to a dessert island somewhere. It’s simple not practical. What you can do is up regulate your own defences and detoxification pathways.

You can also find out if you have faulty pathways through genetic testing. I’ve never been a fan of new cars and felt considerably unwell when exposed to the so called toxins in that environment. For a few year we has a nice new car each year as part of a company deal – I came up with high levels of the toxins from the plastics and chemicals in the car in a blood test. Sample size of 1 – but evidence at least for me that it wasn’t good.

So you have to ask does something make you feel significantly unwell. If it does and it’s not you being a hypochondriac! Then you can follow up with some tests to see if there’s really, really something there which shouldn’t be.

If you don’t have time to whizz through the pressie – then here’s my 5 take home messages;

Limit where possible exposure to these chemicals – go to EWG.org to find out more. For me this means eating organic, limiting heated foods in plastics and going for BPA free plastics. I’ll also use some lower toxin cleaning materials around the house and in the shower.

Keep your liver healthy and help your body with nutrients and foods to assist detox. This also includes sweating lots and going to the loo regularly. Constipation is bad for detox.

Don’t buy new cars every year! – or trade in if you are on a company deal. It’s better to wait a year to 18 months for the chemicals to die down. It’s better for your purse too.

Avoid the obvious stuff like smoking, drinking to excess and generally polluting yourself! These are the most important factors is no good avoiding plastics if you still smoke for example. Don’t take your eye off the biggest offenders!

If you are thinking about becoming pregnant then pay attention particularly to plastics – as you’ll see in the presentation these appear to be a concern for little people – not as much for bigger people.

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