Anti-inflammatory nutrients may help exercise-performance, as well as being a great addition to you winter immune supplements!

Anti-oxidant supplements seem to be the “in thing” at the moment, but is the hype justified? This trial on 31 active middle-aged men and women (average age of 54) found that a multi-nutrient supplement offered benefits to recovery, reduced inflammation, and improved physical performance.

Volunteers were randomized to take either the multi-nutrient supplement or a placebo for 28 days before 1 week “wash-out” and repeating the trial on the alternative intervention.

The supplement was a combination of B-vitamins, essential for protein synthesis, anabolic amino-acids, and herbal antioxidants. It contained vitamin B5 (20mg), B6 (6mg), folic acid (.4mg), B12 (.25mg), taurine (500mg), 1-leucine (2,000mg), isoleucine (500mg), valine (500mg), Cat’s Claw (uncaria tomentosa, 100mg), quercetin (100mg), green tea (50mg), and grape extract (25mg).

The results in a study are only as good as the measures employed, and some caution must be employed in interpreting these results which were mainly subjective reports of how the volunteers felt. The researchers found increased energy levels in both men and women, as well as benefits to joint pain, by men but not women.

Women, but not men, experienced improvements in both anxiety levels and balance.

However, in combination with more subjective measures, improved inflammatory status was shown by biochemical markers of inflammatory markers (IL6) while and strength, and power improved in men. This study suggests that a multi-nutrient supplement may help middle-aged individuals maintain physical health and an active lifestyle.

Dunn-Lewis C, Kraemer WJ, et al, (2011), “A Multi-nutrient supplement reduced markers of inflammation and improved physical performance in active individuals of middle to older age: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study,” Nutrition Journal (epub)

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