How to train for muscle growth and hypertrophy

Hi Guys

I’ve had a couple of questions recently about training programs within my Regenerate Nutrition muscle building program.

One of the reasons I put together Regenerate was so that I had a way that the clients that I consult with, be they elite athletes or people who just want to add some extra lean muscle and get fit had a program to follow in terms of their nutrition.

In the first version of Regenerate, the training programs were a bit sketchy, the nutrition was bang on but the training programs were a bit lacking in comparison.

One of the main changes I’ve made with Regenerate 2.0 is to seperate people into 3 main types based on their starting body type and goals. Some one who is what might be called a ‘hard gainer’, a tall, naturally thin and lean type person needs to train differently to put on muscle than does a short squat rugby prop forward type.

I’ve come up with 3 main body types and worked with an excellent Strength and Conditioning Coach Alex Poole to put the programs together. So for example if you are a hard gainer there are 16-20 different 1 hour long workouts, seperated into the 4 different 2 week nutritional phases. These dove tail with the nutritional approach used in the corresponding phase, so for example if the nutritional phase is focusing on boosting Growth Hormone then the training compliments that to gain a synergistic effect.

Gavin Allinson has put together above video giving you a sneak preview of what it all looks like.

Let me know if you have got any questions by adding a comment here.


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