Acteoside’s performance-enhancing activity

A recent study for a Patent Application has found that acteoside and acteoside-rich plant extracts have compelling athletic and health benefits.

Studies have shown that acteoside appears to have both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Studies also suggest acteoside has anti-estrogenic, liver protecting, memory and cognition improving/protecting, and immunomodulatory  properties.

Oral administration of acetoside and acetoside – rich extracts were taken in a study by Wells et al (2011) and found that acteoside’s possess a wide spectrum of performance-enhancing activity. This included an ability to increase muscle strength, muscle power, endurance, and muscle protein content, as well as to reduce fatigue and facilitate recovery following intense exercise or athletic competition.

Wells, S., Monroe, NC., Llewellyn, W, C.    (2011)     ‘Acteoside and acteoside-rich plant extracts for increasing athletic performance in humans’ (Palm Beach Gardens, FL, US).

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