Exercising Before Breakfast for Fat-Loss? Only as Part of A Considered Training Strategy?

The paradigms are really starting to change regarding fasted state training. It was always thought that low-intensity exercise burnt more fat – carbs supply explosive energy, while fat is slow burning. However, intense exercise causes more fat-burning in recovery, as your body now has to fuel repair from a harder session. This study on 8 males, exercising at 65% maximum intensity either fasted or fed, showed a similar set of results. Exercising fasted burnt more fat… during exercise. However, even when intensity was identical, it seems that fed-exercise is better suited to increasing fat-burning in recovery. Burning fat while you rest? Because you’ve eaten? Get your laughing gear round that! It’s therefore vital that you undertake depleted state training as part of a considered endurance- programme to maximise training adaptations and fat loss, without overtraining. Otherwise, all this hard work will be for nothing!

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Antonio Paoli, A. Et al., (2010) Exercising Fasting or Fed to Enhance Fat Loss? Influence of Food Intake on Respiratory Ratio and Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption After a Bout of Endurance Training; 10, 55-64

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