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Probiotics prevent infections in athletes; it’s official!

Athletes with heavy training schedules can catch more colds as the increased physical and mental stress affects their immune system. As with most things nutritional, it all starts with the gut! The body’s first line of defence is the innate immune defence in the intestines, which includes good-bacteria and immune cells. Keeping these healthy and happy allows them to prevent nasty invaders causing inflammation and infection, meaning the whole body can be kept in better shape! After 16 weeks of taking probiotics (L.Casi Shirota) or placebo, fewer probiotic drinkers became ill (66% v 90%). The average number of cold episodes was also 50% lower in the probiotic drinkers, who managed to maintain their levels of salivary IgA (a defence against illness).

Good news indeed – but it gets better. The dose used in this trial required 2 large probiotic mil-drinks, and as still only half of the dosage contained in a simple, easy to swallow capsule as sold in our store! In addition, more sophisticated supplements on the market contain up to 10 different strains of bacteria, compared to the single strain in this study. It sounds incredible, but hopefully shouldn’t be too hard to swallow!

Michael Gleeson, Nicolette C. Bishop, Marta Oliveira, Pedro Tauler, Daily, (article in press); Probiotics’ (Lactobacillus casei Shirota) Reduction of Infection Incidence in Athletes; International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism

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