Martial arts fat loss- Case Study

One of the main advantages you get when you purchase the Four Week Fat Loss System is that I’m there to support you, yes a real live person.  A lot of Fat Loss Programs on the market are set up and run by marketers not real Nutritionists so once you get the stuff you’re left in the lurch.

As you probably know ‘One Size Doesn’t Fit All’ and often tweaks need to be made so that you get the BEST out  of any system.

I’m there to help you make the tweaks.

Recently I adapted the Four Week Fat Loss  program for a PARAMEDIC  who was working shifts.

This time it is for a woman  Amanda Locke who fights as a THAI BOXER out of  The Tsunami Gym in Cambridge and wants to lose 4KG of fat so she can fight at a lower weight class.

Amanda had her first semi –pro fight last month, anyone who gets into an Octagon has got my respect!

I do some Thai boxing myself so I was especially keen to help Amanda.  We had a bit of communication via e-mail before Amanda decided to purchase Four Week Fat Loss

It can be a cost effective alternative for a lot of people as a sports nutrition consultation with me costs £500- £1000.

Here’s what Amanda had to say and below is my personal response to her.

I am currently fighting at 59kilo with 21% body fat and despite training every day, with one day rest, I am failing to drop body fat.

I am not losing muscle or going up or down in weight, I stay the same and have done for months!

My goal is to drop to 55kilo and body fat to around 18%, however I don’t  want to lose muscle as I need the strength.

Here’s my existing training program , I need to be able to get through each session without losing too much energy… I also get really hungry with all the training and tend to snack on fruit . I eat really well in general, I get really bad cravings for sweet things however.  I tend to eat breakfast at around 7 and snack again at 10 and then have lunch at 11 and then snack again after lunch time workout and then eat again at 4 (main meal). I sometimes eat after training then, normally fruit.

Monday: Weights upper body(1hour), Thai Boxing(2 hours)

Tuesday (3Krun)

Wednesday (Weights upper body and Thai Boxing as per Monday

Thursday: 3k run, lower body weights

Friday (3k run and circuit training)

Saturday Thai session for around 4 hours.


Here’s my reply

First you need to do the preparation phase – only eat fruit post training during this phase – next prepare for the intensive phase; during this phase you will drop in energy a little.

Before sessions you should use; Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) 20g and 5g of tyrosine – for energy, you’ll need this mixture for each hours training you do.

Branch Chains will help preserve your muscle mass and can be broken down by the body into glucose as an energy source and the tyrosine which is another amino acid will help you maintain focus.  After each of your sessions I want you to take a protein shake.

The 14 day intensive phase – is for strict fat burning – stick to your guns – get through it, the fat will melt off.  I presume you are night fighting that often maybe once a month?  You can do the strict fat burning phase just after a fight well before your next one.  Once you are through this – you’ll need to settle into maintenance and build back in some additional foods for energy and performance.

I would eat fruits to fuel your sessions – 2 pieces roughly an hour before Thai – but other than that try to stick to the principles. You may also want to slightly increase carbs post session only so you can look to take a protein and carb drink post session. Keep to the BCAAs and tyrosine during sessions.

Hope this helps for now.


As you can see I’m here to give a personal service and when you ask for help it often has a knock on effect because other people get to benefit as well.

So please don’t be shy, once you’ve purchased Four Week Fat Loss and you’ve gone through the materials let me know if you are struggling putting it into practice.

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