How to lose man boobs – A sports nutritionist’s advice

In this short video blog post I explain what causes man boobs, how you can lose man boobs. I  touch on the feminisation of nature concept and xenoestrogens in our water supply and why our sperm counts are lower than our parents and grand parents.  I’m working on a water filtration document that will be released soon.


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  1. Question:

    Hi Matt,

    Re your last email about water containing “fat”. What can you do to prevent getting man boobs. Also what is the best solution for getting rid of man boobs?

    Thanks in advance


    Man boobs occur for a number of reasons;

    1. You are just too fat all over so some fat will occur around the pec region –

    2. also a high body fat % means more aromatase – this converts T into estrogen which can cause female pattern fat deposits

    3. alcohol increases aromatse, as does excess wheat and dairy

    4. tap water and plastics may also increase estrogens potential – xenoestrogens these are called

    5. the best supplement to counteract this would include, fibre, liver support, DIM and zinc – we’ll put together a ‘man boobs’ pack on the shop as soon as it’s ready

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    What a nice video to lose man boobs.

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