My Logo and what it means

Sports Nutrition Vlog LogoYou may have noticed the symbol on my website and wondered what it meant? It’s actually an ancient Celtic symbol.

The symbol is taken from a medieval symbol which captures the essence of the people living at the time. It means free, cheerful, hardy and God fearing.

Feeling free, maintaining a good sense of humor and being hardy are all part of what you might call radiant health or health which is more than an absence of illness.

For me God fearing is not something I take in a conventionally religious sense, to me  it means nature aware and respectful. Acknowledging the powerful and delicate balance we walk with nature and all it’s wonderful nutrients and the ability we have to harness these nutrients and bioactive substances to thrive.

This is the ultimate goal of the work that I do to bring maximum health, wellness and performance to those following the programmes we design – whilst keeping happy!

Our strength lies in an ability to use what works for the individual. We believe fundamentally in the difference in function between people and the need for different approaches to bring out the best performance outcomes.

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As such we draw on standard applications of clinical nutrition along side the use of Eastern principles of healing. We combine this with modern instruments of assessment of function, from the omega wave to standard blood chemistry panels, questionnaires and clinical assessment.

The raw data on functional status helps us to design our plans and build suitable supplementation strategies. It is our pleasure to provide you with excellent resources and product recommendations to enhance your returns from your programme.



  1. Hi Matt,
    Interesting to know the background behind that symbol- does it have a name?


  2. Terry Hughes says:

    what is the latest time can enroll for seminar in oxford(May) £297

  3. no mate, it’s pure aminos – this batch is completely natually flavoured no sweeteners at all and it’s 100% aminos, no stimulants as you’ve got to take it before bed.

  4. Hi Matt

    I’m think of buying the White Label Growth Hormone Booster. Does it contain any caffeine, guarana, tea extracts or stimulants?

    Thanks Justin

  5. Dear Matt

    I had a new client today who had been on a New You Bootcamp and i could not believe it. 10/12 hours a day exercise, one week and only around 600 calories a day. I thought that was shocking and very unhealthy.

    What’s your advise or thoughts on this kind of weight loss? Women seem to pay alot of money for these quick fixes without realising what they are doing to their bodies. But do they listen?

    Your feedback would be of great value.

    Kind regards
    Faith Annison

  6. That sounds good.

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