Sports Nutrition Breakfast Routine 5 Meals in 15 mins

This video been viewed over 31,000 times on You Tube, it’s essential viewing for anyone interested in healthy eating especially busy sports people. In it I demonstrate how you can create 5 meals in 15 minutes, it should be required viewing for all athletes so let your team mates know about it too.


About Matt Lovell

A sports nutritionist and brand ambassador for Kinetica Sports. Matt also runs his own elite performance based company called Perform and Function.


  1. Matt Lovell says:

    hi Steve, I’ve also noticed the same –

    you can eat 2-3 eggs per day whilst taking less starchy carbohydrates.

    I would mix them up with the odd duck egg – and also try omega eggs too.

  2. Steve Davis says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m about to start day 4 of the 14 day stage and wanted to know if there is a limit on eggs you should be eating. I am swapping days between 3 breakfasts (all which include eggs).

    1. 100g Smoked Salmon & 2 Eggs
    2. 3 Bacon medallions (trimmed of all fat) & 2 Eggs
    3. 2 Eggs, Chopped Tomatoes & Garlic, all made in the same pan.

    I find that eggs keep me fuller for longer than anything else including porridge with berries.

  3. Thanks for the positive comments guys. We’ll be doing another version of the breakfast routine shortly to keep up variety!


  4. This is fantastic, thanks so much for this info. I’m fighting the last five to seven kilos of a 25 kilogram weight loss to try and get up to a total of 30kg down. The info in your Carb Cycle PDF and these vids is really great, and most importantly, to the point. No frills and no unnecessary tech data, just the facts.


  5. well Matt , I thanks for the link As a trainer i have realized that most people struggle to plan their meals especially breakfast to set them up for the day or training.

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