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Nutrients that increase blood flow – help repair tendon and ligament damage and also brain cognition

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Nutrition Protocol for treating soft tissue injuries like bruising and dead legs


    This is a short introductory post to the module on Nutrition for Injury that forms part of my Practical Sports Nutrition Course. I’m going to offer tickets for FREE to my next 2 seminars (November and Feb) for those that register for my Practical Sports Nutrition Course this … Continue reading...

Manipulating the protein carb and fat content for a recipe

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  When looking at your own nutrition or a clients nutrition it is always important to have a good idea of the how much, protein carbs and fat is in each meal. While the total calorie level is important we want optimal ratios of proteins carbs and fat. We adapt these ratios based on a number of factors: current body … Continue reading...

Brazilian Black bean stew – Will Carvalho Sports Chef

Brasil - Tokyo

We are going to produce some recipes from Will Carvalho. Will works as a Chef at 41 Portland Place in London but also works with the Brazilian Womens Football team and lots of the age group teams. Sounds like a good gig to us.  He is seriously interested in sports and nutrition and has just started our Practical Sports Nutrition Course Will … Continue reading...

Adrenals, Stress, Gut Function and Immune Seminar review

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We had a great time at our seminar last week with Matt Lovell and  Steve Grant  and a group of eager people from a wide variety of backgrounds hosted at Central Working in Whitechapel. Seminar attendee Joe Rogers put together a list of  his 7 learnings and action points he had from the seminar. I've expanded a bit on the list and added my … Continue reading...

Seminar Content – Injury And Immune System

injury and immune system

Hi Guys, Here's some additional information about the August 2nd Seminar. Each talk will be accompanied by a fully referenced manual, including the studies, theory and applied real world protocol information relating to the subject. The injury guide content is listed below 65 pages of content. We’ll do the same and more for immune function … Continue reading...

Functional Foods – Recent Evidence – Part 7


  One of the biggest players in culinary gastronomy has been ginger, with a large number of animal studies demonstrating a benefit of the antioxidant gingerol on muscular recovery. Rani (2011) Inhibitory potential of ginger extracts against enzymes linked to type 2 diabetes, inflammation and induced oxidative stress International Journal of … Continue reading...