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Why Do You Want To Change?


If you’ve been reading our blog posts for some time then you are wanting to change in some way… You might not realise that is what you are doing, here are some potential things that are driving you. Learn more about nutrition Improve your health Get leaner Build more muscle Feel more energetic Make money as a nutritionist When … Continue reading...

The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short


I was speaking with one of our clients on Saturday, who is my age (45) and he was telling me about his friend also 45 who had passed away last week. Hopefully he will write a more in-depth article about the situation so I won’t go into too much detail. The short version is that he played a lot of rugby and enjoyed the social aspect of that … Continue reading...

No Zero Days


Most of us have some goals we are trying to achieve it might be to build muscle, lose fat, make more money. As we are primarily interested with nutrition let’s frame this discussion around fat loss. The concept of no zero days is that every day you do something no matter how small towards achieving your goal. As long as you are doing … Continue reading...

Factors For Fat Loss Success

reasons for fat loss

Losing weight and achieving the body of your dreams takes more than just a diet plan to follow. If you are overweight then you will have certain habits that need changing. I’ve identified 7 key factors that are critical for fat loss success that we are going to discuss in the run up to Xmas. We think this is the most important factor Your … Continue reading...

Could Cat Food Make You Faster?

cat food and calories endurance makes me faster

I remember the attitude of my friend who once remarked: “I would eat cat food if you said I could have a career as a full time athlete" What got me thinking about this is that I’ve been asked to work with the England Women's Football Team as they prepare for the 2015 World Cup in …. From what I have seen from the team so far they are going to … Continue reading...

Nutrients that increase blood flow – help repair tendon and ligament damage and also brain cognition

matt lovell youtube

Continue reading...

Nutrition Protocol for treating soft tissue injuries like bruising and dead legs


    This is a short introductory post to the module on Nutrition for Injury that forms part of my Practical Sports Nutrition Course. I’m going to offer tickets for FREE to my next 2 seminars (November and Feb) for those that register for my Practical Sports Nutrition Course this … Continue reading...